Photo of Tom Reese

Tom Reese

Flute, Alto Flute, Pennywhistle, Global Wind Instruments, Composer

A captivating performer, Tom’s strength’s are in his warm tone, melodic lines and whimsical riffs. His music has been heard on International radio stations all over the world. As a solo artist and musician he has opened or performed with Bela Fleck, Gaelic Storm, Grey Eye Glances, Valery Ponomarev & Nick Brignola and others.

Tom lends his talents to several bands, including TRP (The Reese Project), MuZette, Susquehanna & Wyndfall, as well as working as a free-lance musician and composer. He is currently arranging for The New Society Orchestra, a youth pops orchestra. He loves playing acoustically as well as electrically amplified. Click here to view a listing of Tom’s Gear — instruments and equipment.


Tom’s original music comes from the heart. His work features innovative instrumentation and modern harmonies, yet are melodic and folky in nature. Always written from inspiration, not formulas, his evocative soundscapes conjure up almost concrete images, lending themselves to the theater or film. His classical compositions are featured on the CD “Conversations”, which won an award for Best Instrumental Album in the 2002 “Just Plain Folks Awards”, the largest independent music awards and has debuted his award-winning Jazz compositions on Music Row in Nashville. His music has been heard on International radio stations all over the World. Tom’s compositions have won awards ranging from being in the top 20 of the ’02 Grammies, to National Endowment for the Arts awards (2004-2008) for his work with youth in theatre. Click here for a complete list of his compositions.

His works are now available at JW Pepper — see his catalog (constantly growing!) at

Recordings, Arranger & Producer

Tom has over 30 recordings to his credit, most of which contain some of his original compositions. The CD Blue Etude is comprised entirely of Tom’s original compositions, and had 5 #1 hits on jazz radio stations throughout the country. Click here to see his recordings on our partner site, Wyndfall Records. Tom has produced several award winning CD’s in addition to arranging many pieces for various ensembles.


Tom has led composition and jazz improvisation workshops throughout Pennsylvania. He has received four NEA awards for his work as Music Director for the YouTheatre program at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA. His involvement with the Arts Infusion program piloted at Price Elementary, Lancaster, PA helped to raise the school from #17 in the county to #1 academically. Tom’s residencies and workshops have included “Summerstage for Youth” at the Fulton Opera House and “Day at the Strand” in York, PA. He was an Artist-in-Residence with the PA Council on the Arts. He was also a composer with The Commission Project in Rochester, NY, which funded composers in schools, teaching composition.

An active clinician and educator, Tom has developed several educational programs. In “Music Makes the World Go Round,” he demonstrates the global wind instruments in ancient and modern music. Tom is the originator of the Ocarina Building Workshop and “From Earth to Song,” a make-at-home ocarina building kit. Since 1987, Tom has helped children of all ages design & build their own playable ocarinas out of clay. Tom also works with the Soundbeam, a unique tool to allow physically handicapped people of all ages make music.

Global Wind Instruments

In addition to the soprano & alto flutes, Tom plays the Irish pennywhistle, recorder, Chinese shakuhachi, bamboo flutes, Peruvian pan pipes, fife, antique ocarinas, and the Native American Lakota flute. His recordings of the pennywhistle have been entered in several Pennywhistle competitions in memory of Robert Louis Stevenson, where he placed in the top 3.

Tom with fifeDrum & Fife

Tom plays authentic period music, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War.  He & his drummer play on authentic fife & drum, in appropriate period costuming.

Strolling Music

Tom has performed as a strolling musician for many years, in fine dining establishments as well as outdoor & other locations.  He can perform solo or as a duo (with violin or guitar).  His repertoire is very strong, pulling from his background in pop, rock, celtic, folk, jazz & seasonal tunes.

Tom Reese plays the following instruments live and in the studio:


  • Yamaha 61 Soprano flute
  • Jupiter Alto flute
  • Native American Lakota

Tin whistle — made by Michael Copeland in 2004

Global wind instruments

  • Antique ocarinas (from the 1800’s)
  • Peruvian pan pipes
  • Shakuhachi

Amplification  Fishman Loudbox

Microphones  Shure series 58 low impedance mic

Effects  Digitek 300 vocal processor