Informational Concert:  45-50 minutes

We go on a journey throughout the world to discover what kind of music was being made while the people of that time & location lived and worked. During this concert and lecture demonstration, students will see and hear many instruments from around the world. They will also see and hear an antique string instrument and learn more about the modern flute. In The artists will demonstrate the sounds of instruments from Perusia, Ireland, Africa, American & Italy sound, using traditional songs native to each country as well as modern pieces.  Pan pipes, pennywhistle, shakuhachi, fife, recorder, ocarina and Indian flute are some of the instruments showcased.  Each instrumental song tells a tale about the time period it is from, and in introduced with anecdotes and listening activities for each one.  Musical selections will be chosen from the following (subject to change):

  • IRELAND: Pennywhistle & Soprano Flute Demonstration (Rights of Man Hornpipe & June Apple). Several musical styles from Ireland will be demonstrated, including Planxty’s (a gaelic term for songs written “in praise of” a person). The students will explore the varying moods of several planxty’s (Terence MacDonough, Maggie Brown, Fanny Power, and George Brabizon). We will also demonstrate a modern turn to an ancient melody with a rousing Rock/Folk version of Planxty Abigail Judge.
  • GERMANY: Ocarina Demonstration (Db Ocarina: Beethoven’s Ode to Joy). In this journey to Germany we see Beethoven composing one of his most famous melodies, Ode to Joy. It is played on an Austrian instrument that was made out of clay in the 1800’s, right about the same time that Beethove lived and worked. Amazing Grace (small ocarina). Bach, JS: Musette & Minuet; Prelude from Suite #1 in G Major for Solo Cello.
  • AFRICA: Shakuhachi Demonstration (Ceremonial Melody) — an African reed instrument with a Chinese name, this wooden flute has a unique, soft timbre. It was used during ceremonies of many types. Close your eyes and imagine sitting in a circle of friends, celebrating the sun setting.
  • SOUTH AMERICA: Bossa Nova Demonstration (example: Black Orpheus). What rhythms make up a bossa nova? This popular Brazilian dance music was influenced by American jazz. The name means “new voice” in Portuguese.
  • CARRIBEAN:  St. Anne’s Calypso
  • JAMAICA:  Johnny’s Gone to Jamaica.
  • SCOTLAND: Scotland the Brave. My Bonnie.
  • WALES: Ashgrove.
  • FRANCE: Downfall of Paris & Fanfare.
  • ITALY: Corrente (Corelli)
  • AFRICA: Shakuhachi (Ceremonial Melody).
  • ISRAEL: Traditional melodies Siman Tov Umazel Tov & Dodi Li.
  • PERU: Peruvian Pan Pipes Demonstration. This unique wind instrument originated in Peru as a percussion instrument. It is more suited for rhythms than melodies.
  • AMERICA: This varied culture gets explored at length. American Indian: Indian Lakota Flute Demonstration (Courting Melody). Early American: Bamboo Flute Demonstration (Simple Gifts) — this early Shaker Tune was popularized by Aaron Copland in his suite “Appalachian Spring.” Civil War: Fife Demonstration (The Gary Owen). American Folk (Midnight on the Water). Spiritual (Amazing Grace). Finally, we visit modern music making, with an original composition by Tom Reese (Kendall’s Waltz, Darby’s Jig or Lullaby in Clay).


Curriculum Links:  Music, World Cultures, History

Grades:  K-12 (content geared to level of students)

Audience Size:  Any

Special Requirements:  Access to Electric

Available:  Year-round

Curriculum Guide available upon request. Discussion & writing ideas, pre-performance activities, post-performance activities

“Valuable tool to bring culture into the classroom — exposure to different music and musical instruments!” (Teacher, West Branch Elementary)

Partial List of Schools presenting “Music Makes the World Go ‘Round”

  • Bellefonte Middle School
  • Canon-McMillan School District
  • Clearfield Middle School
  • Curwensville Elementary
  • East Pennsboro Elementary
  • Eisenhower Elementary
  • Glendale Elementary
  • Greenwood Elementary
  • Hershey Elementary
  • Middle Paxton Elementary
  • Moshanon Valley Elementary
  • North-Lincoln Hill Elementary
  • Oak Flat Elementary
  • Phillipsburg-Osceola Jr High School
  • Radio Park Elementary
  • Rice Elementary
  • Susquenita HS
  • West Branch Elementary
  • West Baranch HS

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