Tom and Laurie Reese at a school during Bach to Rock programOur “From Bach to Rock” educational program takes students on a musical journey across Europe, England, Ireland & America. The program includes music from the Baroque period of Johann Sebastian Bach, through the Irish sounds of the 1700’s, and into the present-day with American tunes & popular rock songs. Audience members of all ages are engaged and entertained. This lively performance also features original composition by the artists. Upon request, “From Bach to Rock” can include a lecture/demonstration of global wind instruments. These instruments include shakuhachi, Peruvian pan pipes, native American Lakota ceremonial flute and ancient ocarinas.

Informational Concert: 45-60 minutes

Tom and Laurie Reese during Bach to Rock programSample Program

  • Fanfare (Couperin) / Minuet (Bach)
  • Planxty Fanny Po’er
  • Boggy / Johnny
  • Kitchen Girl
  • Planxty Abigail Judge
  • Downfall of Paris
  • Bach Prelude #1 for Solo Cello
  • Darby / Coleraine
  • Lullaby in Clay
  • Amazing Grace
  • June Apple
  • Norwegian Wood / All Blues
  • Freebird

Curriculum Links:  Music, World Cultures, History

Grades:  K-12 (content geared to level of students)

Audience Size:  Any

Special Requirements:  Access to Electric

Available:  Year-round

Curriculum Guide: Available upon request. Discussion & writing ideas, pre-performance activities, post-performance activities

Partial List of Schools presenting “From Bach to Rock”

  • Bald Eagle Nittany HS
  • Corl Street Elementary
  • Curwensville Elementary
  • Glendale Elementary
  • Ferguson Township Elementary
  • North Lincoln Hill Elementary
  • Park Forest Elementary
  • Renovo Elementary
  • Taylor Elementary
  • Wallaceton Boggs Elementary
  • West Branch Elementary
  • Wingate Elementary

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