Compositions of Tom Reese

Tom is a gifted poet and lyricist in addition to writing instrumental music and arrangements. He has composed pieces for ensembles of many sizes, in many musical styles, in addition to songs with lyrics — in a few instances he added lyrics to existing melodies. Categories include:

Many of these pieces have been recorded (sometimes more than once), and many are offered as sheet music for sale.  Follow the links to either hear the piece or purchase sheet music on our partner site, Wyndfall Records.

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  1. (Don’t) Throw Up on Your Shoes with lyrics (Apocalyptic Hayride CD)
  2. 5 of 4
  3. Almost Wednesday (Dark Kat CD, This Just In CD)
  4. Altoid Junkie (Eastern Standard Time CD)
  5. Apocalyptic Hayride (Apocalyptic Hayride CD)
  6. Autumn Samba (Blue Etude CD)
  7. Begin the Ed Gein (Dark Moon Octet)
  8. Blue Man for native American Lakota flute (This Just In CD)
  9. Blue Tuesday (Blue Etude CD)
  10. Blues for Dave (Maxwell)
  11. Blues for Mr. “B” (Blue Etude CD)
  12. Blues for Ruthie (Evening in Vermont CD)
  13. Cookin’ with Emeril (Apocalyptic Hayride CD)
  14. Cool Evening Rain (Dark Kat CD)
  15. Dark Kat with lyrics (Dark Kat CD)
  16. Duncan’s Waltz (Blue Etude CD)
  17. Evening in Vermont (Evening in Vermont CD, Vicodin Dreams CD & Live from Ft. Worth CD) — see video
  18. Fall Blues (Blue Etude CD)
  19. Groovulation Lives lyrics by Naimon Lyons, music by Tom Reese (Apocalyptic Hayride CD)
  20. Heads Up & Gone (Eastern Standard Time CD)
  21. In The Belly Of The Blues (Vicodin Dreams CD)
  22. King Duncan’s Groove (This Just In CD)
  23. Latin Tendencies (Dark Kat CD)
  24. Levi’s Blues (Blue Etude CD)
  25. Like Booze in the Night (Vicodin Dreams CD)
  26. Little Miss Kelly (Dark Kat CD)
  27. Like…Monk-like (This Just In CD) see video
  28. Loose Goose Blues (Blue Etude CD)
  29. Lullaby in Clay for ocarina (Apocalyptic Hayride CD) see video of MuZette version
  30. Monkey’s Jig
  31. Offbeat Blues (see video)
  32. Olivette  (Evening in Vermont CD)
  33. Planxty Kong  (Vicodin Dreams CD)
  34. Poor Little Moonshadow
  35. Someone Else’s Blues
  36. Somethin’s Brewin’ (Eastern Standard Time CD)
  37. Soul Sister Has Arrived (Vicodin Dreams CD)
  38. The Rule of Three
  39. The Swinging’ Samaritan
  40. They Call Him “Mr.” Tubs
  41. Three Steps Forward
  42. Vicodin Dreams (Vicodin Dreams CD)
  43. Waltz for Hayden (curiosity smiles)

Big Band

  1. Ball-Park



  1. A Heart for the Arts for string quartet, also arranged for string orchestra
  2. A Modern Folk Tale for wind and string quartet (1994)
  3. A New Love for flute oboe and cello (Acorn CD)
  4. A Sleepy Bean for string orchestra
  5. Abigail’s Jigg for Abigail’s Garden
  6. Acorn Waltz for flute oboe and cello (Acorn CD)
  7. Alex for string quartet
  8. Allegro’s Song with lyrics
  9. An Early Snow (An Early Snow CD)
  10. Appalachian Winds for flute oboe and cello (Acorn CD)
  11. As Mary Wept (from Pastor’s Choice)
  12. Awakenings for Indian flute and cello (Conversations CD)
  13. Bunny Rabbit for oboe and cello (Acorn CD)
  14. Conception: A Blues — Phase I, Phase II, Phase III for wind & string quintet
  15. Conversations for wind and string quartet (Conversations CD)
  16. Darby’s Jig (A Second Wynd CD)
  17. Dialog for solo flute (Conversations CD)
  18. Dragon’s Theme (Compositions for the Modern Mind)
  19. Four Cardinals for string quartet (see video)
  20. Glaston’s Theme (Compositions for the Modern Mind)
  21. Holding On (letting go) (Compositions for the Modern Mind)
  22. Homage for a Lovely Wife
  23. How My Lonely Heart Sings (Compositions for the Modern Mind)
  24. Interlude (Little Hearts Run) for wind and string quartet
  25. Katy’s Rambles lyrics only (Piper’s Dream CD, A Second Wynd CD)
  26. Kendall’s Waltz (Opus O’Carolan CD) see video
  27. La Valse de Neige (Conversations CD)
  28. Lament for Cora Lee (Conversations CD)
  29. Lauri’s Jig for wind and string quartet
  30. Like a Feather in the Wind (Compositions for the Modern Mind)
  31. Little Frog
  32. Little Songbird with lyrics (Compositions for the Modern Mind)
  33. Little Wiley Harp for cello and flute
  34. Mason’s Pond for wind and string quintet
  35. Melody for Laurie
  36. Memories of Eliza for Abigail’s Garden
  37. Monkey’s Jigg
  38. My Backyard for MuZette
  39. Opus Arcona for wind and string quartet (Viewpoints CD)
  40. Pipers Dream for Wyndfall (Piper’s Dream CD)
  41. Planxty Richard Head
  42. Run Run film score
  43. Shecky Green lyrics only (A Second Wynd CD)
  44. Simple Prayer with lyrics
  45. The Big Night film score includes Waltz, Deep Inside, Big Night
  46. The Briar Rose for flute oboe and cello (Acorn CD)
  47. The Butterfly Spoke to Me (from Pastor’s Choice)
  48. The Little Ballerina (Compositions for the Modern Mind)
  49. The Modest Request — the Parrot, Shadow Dance, Simple Prayer, The Dove, The Bunny Rabbit, The Lament, A Request, The Reply
  50. Three Impressions for wind and string quartet
  51. Tomorrow’s Gone for MuZette
  52. Trio Alois for flute oboe and cello (2002)
  53. Voices from Within — Winter Solstice (elegy for solo flute), Freely, Jigg
  54. Waltz for Lady Janet for flute oboe and cello (Acorn CD)
  55. Waltz for MuZette
  56. We are Free with lyrics (Compositions for the Modern Mind)


  1. A Heart for the Arts for string quartet and for string orchestra
  2. A New Love with lyrics for orchestra and soloists
  3. All Things Considered (1995) for orchestra
  4. Dorian Memories for full orchestra and tin whistle
  5. Etude for Wind and Strings (2007)
  6. Freedom Suite for full orchestra
  7. Hearts of Mercy with lyrics for Chamber Ensemble (see video)
  8. Love Comes Home (2015) for Chamber Ensemble (see video)
  9. Lullaby in Clay for ocarina and orchestra with soloists


  1. As the Mountains Kiss the Stream for soprano voice and flute
  2. Blue Etude for duo (Blue Etude CD)
  3. Dark Moon Octet (2015) see video
  4. Elegy 9-11/A.M. news (Apocalyptic Hayride CD)
  5. Fipple Faddle for two pennywhistles
  6. John White for cello and piano
  7. Key to Your Heart with lyrics (Blue Etude CD)
  8. Northern for Indian flute & soprano flute (A Second Wynd CD)
  9. Peace of Mind with lyrics (Apocalyptic Hayride CD)
  10. Shenan-D’oh!-a for cello quartet (Evening in Vermont CD)
  11. The Journey (Viewpoints CD)
  12. The Toad for marimba (or vibraphone), cello and flute
  13. Three Pieces for Solo Cello: 1, Jigg, Cup of Mud

YouthTheatre Compositions

  1. 100 Monkeys in Search of an Elusive Butterfly includes Allies Etude, The Stain on the Carpet of My Mind, Simple Prayer, Requiem, Heart’s Desire, Breathe, Coma Dance, Butterfly’s Theme, Free at Last, The Pain Inside, Prelude and Incidental Music
  2. Chain Reaction
  3. Harvest of Hope


  1. God Rest Ye One & All


  1. Polonaise by JS Bach for flute & cello (easy)
  2. Abigail Judge/Rok!
  3. Pastor’s Choice
  4. Hymns for 2 Cellos and Piano: Amazing Grace, Be Thou My Vision, and Keep Your Eye on the Prize (performed at Wednesday Club concert 2015)
  5. Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky) for Susquehanna Trio